Heat Wave Visual X Burritozilla Scarfing Showdown 2018

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Our #BurritozillaScarfingShowdownQualifier is right around the corner! If you have ever said “I think I can eat it...” this is your chance! For $10 you could eat your way to the $1000 GRAND PRIZE! This year we are proud to combine both The #BurritozillaSSC& The @heatwavevisual Sunglasses Giveaway for one MEGA dope event which is being held on 10/27. Sign up for the Qualifier NOW at www.burritozilla.com/ssc (link in bio) we have only 15 spots open! #IguanasBurritozilla #HeatWaveVisual

Wonka Promo!

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From June 25-June 30 you will have your chance to WIN FREE FOOD FOR A YEAR!! Purchase a #HorchataFloat from any of our locations and you will get a "Golden Ticket" which you will need to scratch off to see if you have won anything! Things you could win: Free Chips and Salsa, Free Burrito, Free food for a year and a few other give aways! Good luck on your chance to WIN WIN WIN WIN!!  

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2017 Iguanas Burritozilla Scarfing Showdown Recap Video

If you were not there to see our #BurrirozillaSSC Finals you MISSED OUT! Here is a quick recap video! By the way Molly beat her last year's time by 2 seconds with a new record time of 1min 25secs! Oh and she ate yet another #Burritozilla in under 3min for another $100! Next time don't miss out! Video work by @johnatomos & @pinchetiajuana#IguanasBurritozilla

BurritozillaSSC 2017 Finals!



The #BurritozillaSSCMAIN EVENT is THIS SATURDAY! If you missed the qualifiers then you are in luck! The Finals are 10X BIGGER and BETTER! We have 4 contestants- Molly, the reigning, defending #Burritozilla champion of the 🌎! Edward Chin our Champ from 2015! Last but not least we have two new competitors Justin and Steven. This event will be hosted by @reyresurreccion and Pete Munoz (@ptrdavid81) and beats provided by @langdonngo19! 🌯This year we will be having a D O P E raffle🌯! Prizes include a signed #SJSharks jersey and puck! This event is going to be 🔥🔥LIT🔥🔥 so don't miss out! Come by with a friend and enjoy the spectacle, this is definitely something you'll want to Snapchat #IguanasBurritozilla

Burritozilla Scarfing Showdown 2017

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It's that time of year again where we call out ALL those who have said they can conquer The #Burritozilla! We are hosting our annual #BurritozillaScarfingShowdownQualifier Saturday Oct. 7th at our #IguanasBlossomHill location! There are ONLY 15 spots available for the Qualifier and if you make it through you have a chance to win the #GrandPrize of $1000 at the Main Event on Oct.21st! If you're feeling lucky click on the link in our bio and pre register for your chance to win it all! It's a $10 buy in for your #Burritozilla(normally a $28 #burrito). May the odds ever be in your favor! STOP TALKIN' & START CHOMPIN'! #IguanasBurritozilla#BurritozillaSSC



Iguanas Burritozilla X Heat Wave Visual 4th Annual Sunglasses Give Away!

This Saturday June 24th at iur #IguanasDowntown location we collaborate with our dudes @heatwavevisual and bring you some 🔥 shades!  All you need to do is purchase a meal, show your receipt and 💥 B O O M 💥 you get your new summer shades! *Handed out at random* Event starts at 11 AM with  @DJNicoCrespo ! See you Saturday! For the 1st 25 people we have a little special something something for you! #IguanasBurritozilla #HeatWaveVisual