1. What Oil do you cook your food in?
We believe in the healthiest ingredients. Fresh food should always have the freshest taste. That's why we hand picked Soybean Oil.

2. "Are you hiring?"
Although we may not be hiring at a particular time, we are always accepting application via our site Here.

3. "The Orange sauce is Bomb!" Can I buy one?
You better believe it. We have it on deck and bottled for you to take home and a stash in the refrigerator.

4. Do you Cater? I'm a party animal!
Throwing a party? Of course we're invited! Depending on your location, Iguanas’ Party Time offers several delicious options that are perfect for any business meeting, event or party—feeding as few as 6 or as many as 200. If you need a solution that’s fast and easy, our 18 inch Burritozilla or up-size to our 24 inch BIG GAME burrito.

5. Do you deliver catering orders?
We do offer deliver using our Partner Door Dash! Make sure to sign up and search for an Iguanas location near you!

6. Where can I find an Iguanas Restaurant?
  We are currently located in SAN JOSE, CA. Don't worry, just like the familia is growing, so are our locations!

7. Don't see what you're looking for?
Send us an email! wecare@burritozilla.com