Burritozilla Scarfing Showdown 2017

SSC2017_Qualifier Poster_11x17.jpg

It's that time of year again where we call out ALL those who have said they can conquer The #Burritozilla! We are hosting our annual #BurritozillaScarfingShowdownQualifier Saturday Oct. 7th at our #IguanasBlossomHill location! There are ONLY 15 spots available for the Qualifier and if you make it through you have a chance to win the #GrandPrize of $1000 at the Main Event on Oct.21st! If you're feeling lucky click on the link in our bio and pre register for your chance to win it all! It's a $10 buy in for your #Burritozilla(normally a $28 #burrito). May the odds ever be in your favor! STOP TALKIN' & START CHOMPIN'! #IguanasBurritozilla#BurritozillaSSC